Tubular Heating Elements

Tubular Heater

Tubular Elements are typically the most versatile, dependable and rugged of all heat generation devices. They are an ideal heat source for a large variety of applications. Tru-Temp offers precision wound 80-20 nickel-chrome wire to deliver an even heat distribution to the element sheath. High purity, grade-A magnesium oxide is offered as the internal insulation to deliver the best thermal transfer and insulation resistance. A large assortment of electrical terminations, mounting fittings and brackets, as well as a wide array of bending options, allow for a quick and easy integration into any heating system. Offered with or without fins our tubular electric heating elements can be fabricated in an array of tube sizes and shapes.

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We sell:

● Band Heaters

● Cartridge Heaters

● Explosion Proof Elements

● Finned Strip Heaters

● Finned Tubular Heaters

● Immersion Elements

● Load Bank Elements

● M.I. Cable

● Ring Heaters

● Resistance Wire Coils

● Strip Heaters

● Tubular Elements

● Drum Heaters

● Unit Heaters

● Industrial Space Heaters

Typical Applications

● Radiant Heating

● Convection - Air and Gas

● Ovens

● Shrink Tunnels

● Dryers

● Dies and Manifolds

● Sealing Bars

● Immersion Heating

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